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Nutrition on a course of steroids

The use of pharmacology in bodybuilding is associated with certain factors affecting their positive use. If you use steroids without adhering to certain rules of patania, then it is very problematic to get the expected results. As a rule, novice athletes suffer from this.

One of the most important factors is considered to be a healthy diet at the stage of steroid use. Nutrition plays an important role in a person's life, since human health and the shape of his body directly depend on it. If you actively engage in sports, receiving advice from experienced athletes, but do not eat properly when the body does not receive a full range of nutrients, you should not count on a positive result. Only an integrated approach to any of the problems can give a positive result.

Subtleties of nutrition when taking steroids

Nutrition on a course of steroids

The most important nuance that should always be remembered is an enhanced high–calorie diet. Anabolic drugs increase the rate of metabolic processes in the body, which leads to rapid recovery, to an increase in muscle volume, and this requires the presence of building material (protein) and more effort and energy (carbohydrates). Physical exercises (including strength exercises) are the reason that muscle tissues increase weight, but the body is engaged in the process of implementation on the basis of nutrition, recovery, hormonal background, etc.

Experienced bodybuilders increase the doses of drugs containing protein by 2 times. If the usual intake of protein consists of 2 grams per 1 kilogram of human weight, then in the process of taking steroids, the dose increases to 4 grams per 1 kilogram. When taking steroids, it should be borne in mind that nutrition during this period, in terms of diet, practically does not differ from nutrition during the mass collection period, but food is taken with increased energy value (more calories and proteins). The diet should include foods consisting of 55-60% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 10% fat. Such proportions have a positive effect on the athlete's health and contribute to an increase in muscle mass. The basis of the diet should be long carbohydrates (rice, buckwheat), as well as protein products (cottage cheese, chicken, eggs, protein shakes). It is equally important to eat foods consisting of fiber and a complex of vitamins. As a rule, they are found in vegetables and fruits.

Effective diet on the course

Питание на курсе стероидов
  • Breakfast No. 1 – hercules with 1 glass of water, half an hour after bedtime.
  • Breakfast No. 2 – 100 grams of buckwheat + 100 grams of meat and vegetables.
  • Lunch – 50 g of buckwheat + 100 grams of meat with vegetables.
  • Afternoon snack – 50 grams of buckwheat + 3 eggs.
  • Before starting training – carbohydrates + amino acids (or taking a gainer).
  • Dinner – 100 grams of buckwheat + 175 grams of meat + vegetables + 2 eggs (+ creatine, if necessary).
  • Dinner No. 2 – 100 grams of meat + vegetables + 2.5 eggs.
  • An hour before bedtime – cottage cheese or protein shake.
As can be seen from the diet, the amount of protein is increased here. Buckwheat can be replaced with rice or eat them in turn. Eggs should be eaten boiled: it is advisable not to eat raw or fried. During this period, you can additionally consume protein, creatine and amino acids to improve performance. To maximize the effect, the diet is divided into several meals, taking into account such rules as more carbohydrates in the daytime, and less protein in the morning, but more in the evening. In this regard, the second dinner does not include long carbohydrates, but meat is consumed. An hour before going to bed, it is better to eat protein so that it nourishes the muscles at night, preventing the processes of catabolism.

During training periods, the body needs plenty of water, so water should be drunk regularly and in full. Immediately after sleep, it is advisable to drink a glass of water, which will start the stomach. This rule will also be useful for everyday life.

2015: Diving Off An Island

I purchased a one-way bus ticket and moved to NYC the day after my college graduation. As an eager idealistic 22-year-old, NYC wasn’t just a floating geographical land mass, it represented freedom.

My first steps outside Port Authority, or as it’s more commonly known, Hell.

My life was going to be equal parts Gatsby-inspired parties, cocktail hours discussing the merits of Dorothy Parker, stimulating conversations with coworkers about the most important news events of the day, and racing up the career ladder. Happiness was a formula, a series of causes and effects solved by some quasi-geometric proof that would miraculously fall into place at a predetermined time. “It’ll happen when I get a promotion.” “It’ll happen when I qualify for the Boston Marathon.” “It’ll happen when I find a man with proper text-iquette.”

…I should have known better. I almost flunked Geometry.

Don’t worry 9th grade Beachy. You’ll pass with a solid C for Character.  Also, the braces will come off but it will be three more years until you land a date.

As I approached my 25th birthday I couldn’t help but wonder; What would a year be like investing in growth as an individual instead of a job title?  968 days, 9 roommates, 5 rats run over via bicycle, a 4-story walk-up, 3 bridesmaid dresses, 2 full-time jobs, 1 tattoo, and a few good men after that one-way bus ticket I started  to realize that happiness is not a formulaic checklist, it’s an action.

Jack you were right, I don’t know if I can handle the truth.

In December of 2014 I left my job, started a digital storytelling company, and booked a one-way ticket to Peru…that leaves seven days from now. So in lieu of resolutions, I have one goal for my 2015 swan dive out of Manhattan — make it count.

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