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The habit of physical activity and healthy eating

Hi guys!;) 🥰 In my opinion, a lot of failures in mastering healthy eating habits and physical activity lies in the fact that a person perceives a habit as something finite. Although in fact, and phys.exercise and nutrition are a lifelong process. It starts with basic skills and gradually new chips are added. Gradually - this is over the course of months and years. 🥳

And it turns out such a wave-like process with its own control points and an increasing level of skill. Chips need to be added to set new control points and entertain yourself. For example, to study a new exercise and see what will happen there after 3-4 months of regular repetition (interesting, of course!). A certain percentage of novelty is the basis of stability and constant interest in the process.

But first the base. 3 workouts per week for an hour are regular, without skips, 100% practiced, consisting of basic exercises. And nutrition with mono-products in gentle heat treatment 3-4 times a day without snacks, without recipes, according to the Plate Rule.
1 product - 1 heat treatment method. Poultry/fish/meat/seafood - cooking, frying without oil, grilling, baking. Cereals - cooking aldente. 1 cucumber and 1 tomato - just cut into a plate. There are 3 components on the plate: meat - cereals - vegetables. And that's it!) Do not climb into the wilds, start from the base and hammer it daily) 🔥 🥳

And I don't have a workout today. And even at home I don't train today, although the turnstile beckons. But I will refuse him, because magic rings are waiting for me in the hall tomorrow. 🥰

2015: Diving Off An Island

I purchased a one-way bus ticket and moved to NYC the day after my college graduation. As an eager idealistic 22-year-old, NYC wasn’t just a floating geographical land mass, it represented freedom.

My first steps outside Port Authority, or as it’s more commonly known, Hell.

My life was going to be equal parts Gatsby-inspired parties, cocktail hours discussing the merits of Dorothy Parker, stimulating conversations with coworkers about the most important news events of the day, and racing up the career ladder. Happiness was a formula, a series of causes and effects solved by some quasi-geometric proof that would miraculously fall into place at a predetermined time. “It’ll happen when I get a promotion.” “It’ll happen when I qualify for the Boston Marathon.” “It’ll happen when I find a man with proper text-iquette.”

…I should have known better. I almost flunked Geometry.

Don’t worry 9th grade Beachy. You’ll pass with a solid C for Character.  Also, the braces will come off but it will be three more years until you land a date.

As I approached my 25th birthday I couldn’t help but wonder; What would a year be like investing in growth as an individual instead of a job title?  968 days, 9 roommates, 5 rats run over via bicycle, a 4-story walk-up, 3 bridesmaid dresses, 2 full-time jobs, 1 tattoo, and a few good men after that one-way bus ticket I started  to realize that happiness is not a formulaic checklist, it’s an action.

Jack you were right, I don’t know if I can handle the truth.

In December of 2014 I left my job, started a digital storytelling company, and booked a one-way ticket to Peru…that leaves seven days from now. So in lieu of resolutions, I have one goal for my 2015 swan dive out of Manhattan — make it count.

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