IMG_2944 Laura Beachy, Founder

Welcome to my website!

An excellent question that is useful to ask yourself about any product in your diet: "What kind of nutrients is this product and therefore, in what quantity and how often can I include it in my diet according to my goal, my lifestyle and my physical activity?"

I am a Health Coach and a fitness nutritionist. I have been working in the field of healthy nutrition for more than 3 years. I have a higher education as a catering technologist, I have completed many advanced training programs, including: sports and fitness nutritionist FPA. I am doing what I love, I have my own result and I will be glad to be useful for you!

The main direction of my work is the formation of a balanced diet for life, which freely fits into your schedule, saturates you with energy and helps you achieve your goals in the areas of health and figure building.

I help my clients not only lose weight and keep the result, but also:

+ optimize the power mode;

+ improve eating behavior, including in relation to sweet and fatty foods;

+ learn how to build your own balanced diet and vary it to suit your goals, eating comfortably, nutritiously, deliciously with your favorite foods.

My priority in my work is to teach you to look at nutrition from the point of view of the functioning of the body and the structure of matter.

In my work, I pay special attention to the nutritional composition of the diet and the balance of vitamins and minerals.

I am a practitioner and I will be happy to support you if you are really ready to work on yourself, your eating habits and your figure.

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