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10 facts about healthy eating

Hi guys!;) 10 facts about healthy eating. We are expanding the boundaries of understanding the term "healthy nutrition". Today is about my nutrition.

1. My diet is tailored to me and my lifestyle.
Healthy eating is a very vague term in fact. I define any type of nutrition for myself as: nutrition for solving a certain task. Not restrictions, not strict nutrition, not pp, but nutrition for solving important tasks for me personally in the field of figure building, health, energy level, etc.

Food is a tool and it fits the purpose.
As a stylist selects your wardrobe for your lifestyle and thinks through every little thing - the same with food.

2. What are your tasks should your meals cover? We need to start with this. And then we have to build a KBZHU, select products, a diet, and so on. To get the sum, you need to pick up the terms. If there are no terms, there is no sum.

3. My example. My goal is to have a year-round athletic figure, fully recover between workouts and have the resource to train 5 times a week (strength + horizontal bar), have good skin quality, high energy level, give energy to other areas of life (family, education, etc.). I close all this with only nutrition, without dietary supplements and a sports pit.

4. I don't cook for 2 hours, I don't have any recipes at all. And at the word "recipe" I immediately think that now a normal product will be turned into a simple carbohydrate with fats (as always happens).

I just throw chicken / fish / meat into a saucepan / into a frying pan without oil / into the grill; pour the cereal with water, set the alarm, go about my business - the alarm rings - I go - everything is ready or almost ready (the cereal should be aldente 2/3 ready!).

5. It is not profitable for me to come home and see an empty refrigerator in front of me. Therefore, I make sure that everything is ready in advance (either in the evening or in the morning). Now it remains only to add fresh vegetables to each meal. Not even a salad, but just vegetables, since I prefer to take fats from solid whole foods, not from oils. If we talk about vegetable fats, then from unroasted nuts.

For me: the more complicated the preparation of a dish, the poorer it is nutritionally.

6. Often the initial products and the finished dish are completely different in nutritional value of things. As jerusalem artichoke root and jerusalem artichoke syrup are generally different things from the point of view of nutrients.

Jerusalem artichoke root vegetable is the raw material from which syrup is prepared.

Jerusalem artichoke root is protein (2.0 g), carbohydrates (15.8 g, including starch, inulin, monosaccharides: glucose, fructose), fiber (1.6 g), fat - 0, calorie content - 73 kcal.

Jerusalem artichoke syrup is liquid simple carbohydrates (69.6 g, mainly fructose), fiber (2.5 g), protein - 0, fat - 0, calories (267 kcal). But for some reason, jerusalem artichoke syrup is attributed to the properties of the jerusalem artichoke root and is happily stamped on all labels about inulin in syrup, although it is in the jerusalem artichoke root, and it is practically not in the syrup.

The same thing: berries and their dead bodies floating in blueberry jam. Potatoes and mashed potatoes, oatmeal and oat milk, beef and stew.

7. Food is more important than dietary supplements, because food is the base. Quality food is saving time and money for doctors.

What you don't cover with food now will eventually form holes that will need to be patched up with the help of a doctor. And even then - they put only patches there and let them go further into free swimming. Doctors do not work with lifestyle.

But, going to the next doctor can be a great excuse for an empty chat with a friend over coffee with a bun. Sometimes it is important to show that you are cooler, because your tests are worse and you need to drink more pills, and you need to go through another dozen examinations and buy a pillbox. Here in life there is a new entertainment!) Life began to play with new colors) ahaha))

8. Pastries, milk, sweets, semi-finished products, catering, delivery of simple carbohydrates (lasagna, ravioli, risotto, pizza, bruschetta and similar carbohydrate fats under exquisite names), bread, juices, jam, bars - everything that is not made for me, by non-professionals in terms of building a diet. And I know perfectly well how this non-food affects my health and appearance right the next day and right at the next workout. Therefore: why?

9. Every morning, my baby and I go to school past several bakeries, and some of them have a queue even before opening. And a little later - a whole pandemonium. A puff for 129 rubles. or a pie for 89 rubles. - instead of apples and bananas for the same amount - this is a choice associated with a low food culture in our country, and in the world in general. In the lunch area, office workers gather in the bakery, choosing a croissant and coffee. She was like that 9 years ago)

And such nutrition also closes certain "goals" and leads to a certain result.

10. The product categories listed in clause 8 do not fit my purpose. If my goal was to hang on the horizontal bar like a rag and not even hang, but immediately after the first exercise, put my tongue on my shoulder, unclench my cramping fingers, complaining about my fatigue, pain, dizziness, anemia, mood, critical days, cellulite and so on, recover half a week from 3.5 exercises, lie down after rubbing without strength for the rest of the day; constantly walking with snot, then with a cough - I would start my day with pancakes and finish with a cherry pie.

The caloric content of my diet is shifted to the evening. I have a very light dinner (according to my KBZH), then a workout, and then two meals of approximately the same caloric content (full-fledged protein, fats, complex carbohydrates, fiber). I adjust my diet to my daily routine - you adjust to yours.

And what do you choose for yourself? Does your current diet meet your short-term and long-term goals in the field of building a figure, health, energy level?

2015: Diving Off An Island

I purchased a one-way bus ticket and moved to NYC the day after my college graduation. As an eager idealistic 22-year-old, NYC wasn’t just a floating geographical land mass, it represented freedom.

My first steps outside Port Authority, or as it’s more commonly known, Hell.

My life was going to be equal parts Gatsby-inspired parties, cocktail hours discussing the merits of Dorothy Parker, stimulating conversations with coworkers about the most important news events of the day, and racing up the career ladder. Happiness was a formula, a series of causes and effects solved by some quasi-geometric proof that would miraculously fall into place at a predetermined time. “It’ll happen when I get a promotion.” “It’ll happen when I qualify for the Boston Marathon.” “It’ll happen when I find a man with proper text-iquette.”

…I should have known better. I almost flunked Geometry.

Don’t worry 9th grade Beachy. You’ll pass with a solid C for Character.  Also, the braces will come off but it will be three more years until you land a date.

As I approached my 25th birthday I couldn’t help but wonder; What would a year be like investing in growth as an individual instead of a job title?  968 days, 9 roommates, 5 rats run over via bicycle, a 4-story walk-up, 3 bridesmaid dresses, 2 full-time jobs, 1 tattoo, and a few good men after that one-way bus ticket I started  to realize that happiness is not a formulaic checklist, it’s an action.

Jack you were right, I don’t know if I can handle the truth.

In December of 2014 I left my job, started a digital storytelling company, and booked a one-way ticket to Peru…that leaves seven days from now. So in lieu of resolutions, I have one goal for my 2015 swan dive out of Manhattan — make it count.

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